Our Community

The jiu jitsu community has spread world wide and you can find an academy to train at in every pocket of the globe now. Even with the vast amount of people training jiu jitsu, it is still a very tight knit community. We here at Bushido enjoy the number of students and instructors who have come through our doors and we encourage our students to travel and train wherever and whenever possible.


Jiu Jitsu Seminars

Throughout the year we host different instructors from other academies not only in Connecticut but across the country to come in and teach our students and other academies in the area. Bushido has hosted some amazing black belts from our home state to some of the elite in the sport.


Training Seminars

With ties that run deep to our first responders we offer many training seminars and week long training’s for law enforcement. We believe in being prepared mentally and physically , and giving the tools needed to be the best someone can be for any circumstance.


Giving Back

There is no other martial art that has a community that gives back as much as jiu jitsu. Bushido is no exception, from out toy drives during Christmas to our annual Blackbelts for Butterflies seminar for autism. We understand the importance of helping those in our jiu jitsu community and out.