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Fundamental Classes
The Building Blocks

Our Adult Program starts with our fundamental Jiu-Jitsu program which focuses on teaching new students the building blocks and techniques of Gracie Jiu-jitsu. At our academy we track your attendance, teach you a proven curriculum of techniques and build you from the ground up!


Children’s Program
Planting the Seeds

At Manchester BJJ we offer a very innovative martial arts curriculum for children ages 5-7 and youth ages 8-13. Regardless of age, we provide each student with essential training in character development, self-defense, fitness and teamwork, not to mention fun!


Advanced and Competition
Forging Warriors

Our adult Gracie Jiu-Jitsu program teaches students a variety of effective techniques such as take downs, ground control holds, joint locks, choke holds, sweeps, reversals and self-defense strategies.



We are formally called Manchester BJJ, our original name and the moniker of our school has always been “The Bushido Jiu-jitsu Academy”.

“Bushido” is a warrior code and translates to “Way of the Warrior”. It is pronounced “boo-shee-dough”. Bushido is the moral standard of the Samurai who strived to live by the principles of Bushido. These principles include; Rectitude/Justice, Courage, Benevolence or Mercy, Politeness, Honesty/Sincerity, Honor, Loyalty and Character/Self Control. While the physical attributes that can be attained in the martial arts are of value, the true value of the martial arts is discovered through character development. Our academy strives to teach these principles and to uphold the highest moral character for our instructors and our students.

There is also some history and thought behind our academy logo.

The logo for our academy is made of four equal size triangles that together form a larger triangle. Each of the four triangles represents the flag of a country/martial art that the founders of our academy have trained in. The triangle is the strongest of all the geometric shapes and many techniques in the martial arts have a connection to or were derived from the triangle because of its strength.

Looking at the logo from the front, the bottom left flag represents Japan in the Samurai era. It is the land of the rising sun, birth place of traditional Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Karate. Japan and Okinawa in particular have deep roots in the martial arts and have proven to develop fierce warriors who live by the Bushido Code.

The flag at the bottom right side of the logo represents Thailand. This is the home of Muay Thai, one of the deadliest and most effective forms of striking on the planet.

The flag at the top is from Brazil and represents Gracie/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, otherwise known simply as GJJ or BJJ. This art has greatly influenced our training and to this day remains one of the most well rounded and street effective systems in the world.

The center piece of the logo is obviously the USA’s American Flag and represents our home land. The place we live and the place we have sworn to protect. It is the heart of our logo. It is the only flag in the logo that touches all the others and is the balancing point of the logo and our academy. The USA is home to Wrestling, Western Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. It is also the birthplace of the Reality Based Martial Arts used by our Military, Law Enforcement and Security Units.